Jennifer Whitehead

Jennifer Whitehead 1954-

Born: 05 Jan 1954
Father:William Oldfield
Mother:Olga Whitehead
Spouse:Peter Hall
Married: 15 Sep 1979 Farnham, Surrey, UK
Other Partners:Anthony Beaumont
Updated: 30 Aug 1999


Jenny was brought up in Colchester. She trained in the Hotel industry in the UK, and then decided she would like to travel. In 1975 she went to New Zealand and paid her way by working, moving on to Australia after 12 months. She met her future husband in Darwin and returned with him to the UK for 2 years before emigrating to Australia, his home country, where they settled in Adelaide. For the first 5 years, she worked at the South Australian College and then became involved in voluntary work and community studies, particularly relating to stress management and food.

After her divorce in April 1990, she returned to full-time work the following year with her new partner, Tony Beaumont (who was also English) selling Electrolux equipment. She and Tony returned to the UK for 1 year in 1992/3 as preparation for a permanent return once affairs and property in Australia had been settled. They arrived in the UK in October 1994.

They bought a mobile home at a site in Worplesdon. Tony returned to selling copier services, a job he had been doing during their one year stop in England. Jenny joined Style Conferences as a conference administrator, based at Gorse Hill, Woking.(This, coincidentally, had been the Training Centre for Jenny's cousin, Mike Otway's parent company before being sold to Style.)

In 1996 they bought a new home in Colchester and moved there. Tony carried on working for copier services in the East of England whilst Jenny went to work for Essex University organising conferences etc.

Just before Xmas in 1997 Jenny and Tony, with help from Mike Otway, moved Jenny's Mum, Olga, to a residential home in Colchester amid much protest. However it soon turned to be successful.

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