Stella Whitehead

Stella Whitehead 1915-1981

Born: 11 Feb 1915 Penang, Malaya
Died: 07 May 1981 Ashburton Hospital, Ashburton, Devon
Father:Charles Basil Whitehead
Mother:Lilian Mary Pym
Spouse:Terence Brandram Hastings Otway
Married: 01 Aug 1939
Children:Michael James Otway
Buried: 12 May 1981 Ashburton, Devon
Updated: 13 Feb 2000


Stella and Olga were identical twin sisters, so much so that on one occasion son Michael actually mistook Olga for Stella from 10 yards away.

They were brought up in Penang from where they returned with Aunt Nell in 1921 and then at Culmington Manor, Nr. Bristol until Basil returned from Malaya. They were confirmed at St. Pauls, Clifton on 2/11/30. They both had considerable artistic and music skills (piano), as well as being good tennis players. They won the Devon Ladies Doubles Championship. They lived a protected life under the watchful eye of their father. Whilst her brother-in-law, Arthur, was Governor of Jamaica, Stella went to stay for some months.

In 1939, she married Terence. Michael was born in 1940.

The marriage to Terence finished in 1950, from which time Stella began a series of house moves, almost every two years for the rest of her life, with the exception of a four year period when she owned and ran a club in East Horsley. Although she liked to think that she was making money from each move she always conveniently overlooked the effect of inflation and the costs. Although she inherited a considerable sum from Pym Family Trusts, these were broken in the early fifties and she gradually worked her way through the majority of the money, leaving 35,000 at the time of her death from cancer of the throat in 1981.

She was always, along with her twin sister, considered to be somewhat eccentric.

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