Jeremy Baines

Father:Jeremiah Baines
Spouse:Katherine Otway
Married: 17 Aug 1639 Tichburn, Hants
Children:Unnamed Baines, Rachel Baines, Jeremie Baines, Paul Baines, Deborah Baines, Katherine Baines, John Baines, Abigail Baines, Deborah Baines, Elizabeth Baines, Sarah Baines
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The MSS state that they were married by Mr. George Otway

Mentioned in George's Will

Jeremy Baines served under Sir William Waller at the seige of Reading in the first winter of the war. He was at the fight of Cropedly Bridge where the King gained a victory and Baines was made prisoner. Afterwards he was in garrison at Farnham Castle and quarrelled with The Governor.

"Memorandum : Jeremy Baines was sometimes a Lieut-Colonel in the new model in 1645 and laid down his command and left no arrears. He joined with the City in opposing the Army in 1647, was a promoter of the petition for the personal treaty and for which he was 40 weeks imprisoned with The Lord Mayor, Aldermen, etc. and whereby he lost trade and was almost ruined. He refused to accept any command for the Crown although often tempted. He raised and commanded Col. Thomson's Regiment in 1659 against Lambert and the Wallingfordians. He was instrumental in drawing the Irish Brigades from Lambert to the Hon. General Monke. He was never privy to the practice of the brewers nor would it have been of advantage to him not using the gallon trade. He was surprised and fined without trial.

29 June 1647. Saturday. Order by the House of Commons to be referred to Committee of Impeachment to bring articles against Sir John Geare, Alderman Adams, etc. etc. Lt. Col. Baines and Capt. Jones, etc.

13 Aug 1647. Ordered Baines prisoner of the Compter.

23 May 1648. Order signed by Elysynge that Baines be discharged from imprisonment."

Irish Patent Rolls 1603-1625, Historical MSS 6Mm 7th Report P. 691

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