Daisie Violet Benham 1894-1978

Born: 06 Jun 1894
Died: 07 May 1978
Partner:Joseph Edward Leonard Perkins
Children:Ronald Leonard Perkins, Leslie E. Perkins, Audrey Perkins
Buried: 19 May 1978 Englefield Green Cemetery, Egham, Surrey
Updated: 31 Dec 1996


Daisie’s family were farmers in the village of Rendlesham, near Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Daisie had bronchial and asthmatic problems in her youth. In her 30's she had sceptic tonsils. Problems associated with this were ultimately to lead to her serious arthritic problems which so afflicted her in later life.

Her cremated remains are buried at Englefield ( Grave No 42, Plot 27)

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