Georgina Frances Otway 1815-1885

Born: 11 Sep 1815 Brighton
Died: 19 May 1885 Grovesnor Square, London
Father:Loftus William Otway
Mother:Frances Blicke
Spouse:William John Marjoribanks (Hughes) Loftus-Otway
Married: 20 Oct 1837
Children:Unnamed (Hughes) Loftus-Otway, Waller Philip Otway, Loftus William Henry Otway, Cecil Alfred Tufton Otway, Blanche Otway, Cordelia Frances Otway, Jocelyn Tufton Farrant Otway, Florence Phoebe (Hughes) Loftus-Otway, Harold Ernest Carlyon Otway, Florence Phoebe (Hughes) Loftus-Otway
Buried: Highgate Cemetary
Updated: 12 Mar 1999


She married Captain Hughes, inherited from her parents a large property in London and in 1873 assumed the name of Otway after that of Hughes. She has five (?) sons and two daughters. The eldest son is Waller Philip Otway in the Coldstream Guards, the second son is Loftus, the third son is Cecil Alfred Tufton and married Margaret Gordon in 1876. Their sisters are Mrs. Beamish and Mrs. Betty.

Wills Index - Personal estate of 140,783.19.10d. Resworn Aug 1886 148,366.13.6d. Admin 9 Nov with two codicils of personal estate of Georgina wife of William John M. L. Otway esq late of 13 Grovesnor Sq. Was granted at Principal Registry under certain specialities to said William J.M.L. Otway of 13 Grovesnor Sq., Jocelyn Tufton F. Otway of 14 St. George's Place, Knightsbridge, son and Vivian Ellis of 16 Spring Gardens, solicitor.

Some information from the College of Heralds, Dublin (GO MS 176 Pages 215-223)

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