Thomas Otway 1601-

Born: 1601
Father:Roger Otway
Mother:Anne Hebblethwaite
Partner:Anne James
Updated: 01 Mar 1998


Matric pens. St John's Easter 1617 BA 1620-21 MA 1624 admitted Gray's Inn 1 Nov 1626

Chancery Proceedings C2/ Chas I/01/57 1632 Roger Otwaye of Middleton, Westmoreland There where Thomas Otwaye son and heir apparent about 2 1/2 years since did marry and take to wife Anne one of the daughters of Andrew James of the Isle of Wight, Southampton, Esq. In consequence of whiche marriage it was covenanted and agreed between the said Andrew James and Capt. Andrew James son and heir apparent and Roger Otway should give to Anne for her marriage portion the some of 300 and should pay the same unto Richard Otwaye (Roger's son) and to lend him 100 more for three years and that Thomas and Anne should live with them at their house on the Isle of Wight and to have their lodings dyett and all other things fower years.

C2 / Chas I/01/57 1632 Thomas Otway being indebted to dyverse and sundrie personnes in London Roger to pay his debts amounting to 70. Roger gave up his dwelling house to Thomas and Ann and was forced to buy another house and lay out a great deal of money.

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