Matilda Grace Tovey -1905

Died: 11 Feb 1905
Father:Unnamed Tovey
Spouse:Alexander Henry Edmonstone Boileau
Married: 02 Sep 1850 Paignton, Devon
Children:Henry Boileau, Arthur Cadell Tait Boileau, Mary Hamilton Boileau
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"Colonel Boileau came to England in the summer, and on Sept 5th was married in Paignton Church to my eldest sister Matilda. I have several letters giving descriptions of the wedding, my father, Dora and Mary all writing accounts to Jim. It was a proud affair for Paignton, the newest times said for 25 years - my father says. "He was married on the 5th Sept by Mr Lee. Several of the Colonel's relatives attended. Mrs Paton there two daughters (Emily and Fanny Taylor). Alick from Stotton's, Miss Studdy and Miss Jarvis were party, it was a great day for the village, the school had a half-holiday to see it, the church was crowded."

I saw a great champagne and elegant breakfast after it, all prepared by the first artist Torquay. The Colonel was in regimentals and six bridesmaids all elegantly dressed alike. Little Rose was in the same costume and walked in the procession from the church to the carriages holding Hamilton by the hand she was beautiful and admired. Matilda and all her maids held beautiful bouquets in their hands. At 3.OOpm the happy couple drove off in a chariot and drove to Newton to go by train. Alick threw an old can after them and they had a cheer from the lookers on. It was a fine day and all events went offwell." Mary writes of it in addition, "There were 5 carriages with two horses and postilions with large favours pinned on their shoulders (occupants of carriages given). The road was crowded and the row of houses was full of people squeezing their heads out of windows to obtain a view, fancy how nice so many carriages must have looked driving down die road. When we arrived at the church we could scarcely walk to the door for the crowd, all the school children had a holiday and were standing at each side of the walk, the boys on one side and the girls on the other. --- Matilda in a brocade white silk beautiful lace jacket, a lovely bonnet - Hamilton veil and Dora adds, "I never saw Matilda look better, she was beautifully dressed as were all her six bridesmaids, who were attired in a uniform of white embroidered muslin, pale colour silk mantillas and white transparent bonnets".

Mrs and Miss Bosanquet, Charlotte, Alick and Mr Tim Boileau came from London on Wednesday to the event, they all left on Saturday. I think we were mutually pleased with one another."

Dora sailed for India with Matilda and her husband, Colonel Boileau, and a baby boy Henry who very soon after died in India.

1853 - This year the headquarters of our family were at Elmsleigh, but only Mary Rose and myself of the children were there. Charlotte Boileau, however, daughter of Colonel Boileau by his first wife, was living with us and was a great favourite with us children.

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