John Peter Boileau 1794-1869

Born: 1794 Hertford St., Mayfair
Died: 1869
Father:John Peter Boileau
Mother:Henrietta Pollen
Partner:Catherine Sarah Elliott
Children:Anna Maria Boileau, John Elliott Boileau, Caroline Mary Boileau, Francis George Manningham Boileau, Edward William Pollen Boileau, Agnes Lucy Boileau, Charles Augustus Penrhyn Boileau, Mary Georgina Boileau, Theresa Ann Catherine Boileau
Education:Merton College, Oxford
Occupation:Soldier And 'Gentleman'
Updated: 29 Apr 2001


2Lt. 95th Foot, Rifle Brigade in Sep 1813, the Regiment having been raised by General Manningham, who had married one of the Misses Pollen. John Peter served 4 years under the Duke of Wellington and Lord Lynedoch in Spain, Holland and France, action in Bergen Op Zoom in 1814. Lt. in 1816 and placed on half pay with 90th Foot in 1817. Thereafter a country gentleman and dilettante in various affairs and duties in various fields. He was created a Baronet of the Realm on 24 Jul 1838.

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