Andrew Maxwell (Max) Bullians 1949-

Born: 1949
Father:Andrew Clyde Bullians
Mother:Audey Mary Otway
Updated: 03 Oct 1996


Andrew Maxwell (Max) Bullians, born in 1949, started a career as an aeronautical engineer when he became a cadet at Cranwell Airforce College in England in 1968. He changed his mind about this career returning to New Zealand to takeade~ree at Victoria University in Economics and Business Management. After working with the N.Z.Unitea Corporation in Wellington, he again went overseas. He became a stockbroker in California after taking exams in New York and being accepted as a member of the Exchange. In 1980 he was the top broker of the year on the West Coast for his firm. In 1982. he set up his own firm as an importer, arranging the promotion of the products into the United States.

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