Anne Hebblethwaite -1616

Died: 13 Feb 1616
Father:James Hebblethwaite
Spouse:Roger Otway
Married: 1595 Grimston
Children:Thomas Otway, Edward Otway, Richard Otway, Dorothy Otway, Mary Otway, Isabell Otway, Henry Otway, Anne Otway, Roger Otway
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One of the earliest documents extant concerning the Heblethwaites is a small deed of 1524, a lease of the farm of Flowery Busk, from John Fawcett to Robert Heblethwaite - (Is this word “busk” possibly derived from "bosquet", coppice land? and has Bascobel, a wooded locality, the same derivation?)

There are many Heblethwaite documents in the strong room at Ingmire - One of 1603 refers to the payment of “twenty pounds at the Fount Stone in the Temple Church, near Fleet Strete, London” - A farmhouse up in the hills lying N.E. of Sedbergh is called Heblethwaite Hall. The documents are often spelt in a very unintelligible fashion, and I have therefore copied than in more modern English.


This indenture made the 18 of January in the 16th year of the Reign of King Henry VIII bears witness. Betwixt Robert Heblethwaite of the Flowrye Buske, in Sedbergh of the one partie and John ffawcett of ye Moss House within the said Sedbergh of the other partie, witnesseth that the said John ffawcett hath sett and letten to thc said Robert Heblethwaite the gudwill and tender right of a certain ground lying within the said fermolde (farm holding?) of the Flowrye Buske called the Edmund hill -

To have and to hold the foresaid ground to the said Robert Heblethwaite and to his heirs, childer or assignes after the tender right and custom of the country for evermore - So that the said Robert or his assigns pay yearly to the same John ffawcett or his assigns twelve pence to ferme - And the said John ffawcett nor none other in his name, never after this present date shall account (accon) title ne claim unto the said ground, so that the said ferme be paid yearly, but (Does this “but” mean, like the Scotch “without”? Without which) he and all his to be excluded for ever - * * *Witnesses, Richard ffawcett, his Brother, and Henry Bland, with others more ("moo").

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